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                                       Detox the Body

Detox the Body with Whole Body CleansingMany people think that the key to detoxifying their body is to do a colon cleanse and then leave the rest of the body to catch up, because if you clean one part of the body, you benefit all of the rest of the body's parts. Unfortunately the key to detoxifying your body is far more complicated. If you want to rid your body of toxins, you have to work on your whole body. All of the body's organs work together, fixing one part might help the body a little bit, but you need to work on all of the organs to really help yourself, though colon cleansing is a terrific place to begin.

No matter what anybody tells you, a colon cleansing will not rid your body of all toxins and it is not a cure-all. In fact,
improper colon cleansing can actually do more harm than good. For one thing, the colon is functions to naturally get rid of any bacteria or waste materials on its own under ideal conditions. For another, some colon cleansing programs advocate disrupting the natural fluid and sodium balance of the colon itself. Many colon cleansing products can cause a salt depletion and dehydration. If you cleanse excessively, you could end up causing anemia or even heart failure.

If you want to detoxify your body, you should focus on your body's basic needs and see to those first. Don't worry about supplements or the addition of products at first. Your body needs a certain amount of water each day. It also needs a certain amount of vitamins and minerals and basic nutrition requires a minimum intake of each food group, in varying amounts.

By simply following the rules of basic nutrition you can do more for your body than any pill or chemical product and you don't have to worry about starving yourself either because fruits and vegetables (especially organic ones) have lots of organic water inside that allow for cleansing the cells of the body in a way that chlorinated water could never do.

Invest in a juicer.  I don't care what brand.  Just get the best one that will make you juice as often as possible.  Juicing eliminates the fiber from your food but in some cases that's a good thing, as it allows concentrated nutrition into the bloodstream and on into body systems and then body organs and then body cells.

Here are some hints to help you detox your whole body:

1. Make sure you are drinking enough water. Instead of getting your water through sodas, juices or even the mineral waters that are available, quench your thirst with simple H2O. When you feel thirsty, drink water! Not only does this help regulate the toxin level in your body, you'll consume fewer calories than you would have consumed by drinking juice or soda.

2. Do not necessarily follow the food pyramid. Get the proper amount of each type of food and try to stop there. Cut down on the snacks. Sure they taste good, but they aren't very good for you! You also want to pay attention to how a portion is defined. Our idea of a single portion is usually significantly larger than the actual definition of a portion.

3. Exercise regularly - with emphasis on rebounding (mini trampolining for lymph drainage). When you exercise regularly your body produces sweat, which is part of the way it releases toxins from your body. Exercise can also boost your mood and your body functions. These boosts will go a long way in controlling the smaller problems that might have led you to decide upon a cleanse in the first place.

4.  Consider a far infrared sauna for penetrating, safe heat that helps relieve the detoxification burden from the lungs, colon, liver and bladder by allowing wastes to move through the skin.  Not just sweat from the outer body's layers, but deeper down into the sebaceous glands.  (Not every sauna has that capability). 

5.  Get plenty of sleep.  Eight to nine hours a night is a must when detoxifying and healing the body as during sleep is when the body removes wastes and makes repairs.

Detox the Body With Our Whole-Body Cleanse

An underground epidemic:  The body is constantly bombarded by toxicity that it has to deal with in one way or another.  When a toxic substance enters the body, it is usually consumed by large fat cells so it will not damage surrounding cellular tissue, and then transported to fat stores throughout the body.  Fat accumulation is toxic accumulation that will cause severe long-term damage to your health.  Part of the health risk associated with obesity is the amount of toxicity present in the tissues.

When these toxins are transported to the intestines for elimination, another serious  problem arises.  Most people do not eliminate regularly so the material stays in the colon for extended periods of time.

When waste build up in the colon, autointoxication occurs, putting undo strain on the liver's filtration mechanisms and over-taxing the kidneys and intestinal walls.  Maintaining a normal elimination regimen is often difficult due to poor food quality and life-style factors.  when the liver can no longer filter the toxins entering the body, they recirculate, causing unpredictable damage.  This autointoxication process is the underlying cause of a large variety of symptom complexes.

How would you like products that address nearly every cell and system in your body?  Oxy-Powder and Chamae Rose are unlike any detoxification products on the market.  Your body carries an accumulation from your years on this planet. Cleansing these toxins from the body can be a long, but not necessarily uncomfortable process.

Electrical Body, Inc. offers a whole-body cleanse that addresses each cell and system.  These products will increase elimination comfortably and naturally and will assist the body in losing weight as years of build-up in the colon is cleared out.  Consumers report relief from a myriad of problems due to impaired lymphatic and intestinal tract functioning.  There are few problems that can't be arrested or improved by the reinstatement of normal transportation and cell function.

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