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Articles on Health and Wellness
by Rita Lambros-Segur, M.H.

A quick (and important) note about these articles. . .

If you are determined to improve your health, consider spending some time here. It's just too easy to rush around the web trying to absorb as much as possible.  I know, I do it all the time.

But this area of my site is where I reveal much of what I’ve learned through the years from master herbalists, scientists and naturopathic doctors.  If you don't have time to read all the articles today, bookmark this page and stop by occasionally.   I'll update the article list every so often.

As Featured On Ezine ArticlesFavorite Articles . . .            

NEW! Detox the Body Beyond Colon Cleansing - A simple discussion on cleansing in the colon (isn't that where they all say to start?) and going beyond the basics with proper water and nutriment ingestion.  © 2008-2023

NEW!  Hypothyroidism - What is it and do you have it?  Some of the symptoms that even your doctor won't tell you about.  © 2010-2023

Far Infrared Therapy Technology Comes of Age -  Finally the sun's healing rays can be imitated and harnessed to help improve detoxification and immunity through safe, healing far infrared warmth used by NASA and hospitals for their newborns.  © 2001-2023

Enzymes and Health, How Vital? - A practical discussion of enzymes' role in human health and why they are vital for other supplementation to work properly and for our bodies to function properly too.  © 1999-2023

Hypertension: Just "Thick Blood"? - Here's an alternative approach to treating one’s high blood pressure. Does stress or being overweight cause it? Check this article to find out.  © 1999-2023

Probiotics - Ever wonder if digestive disorders were draining your energy level?  What’s the probiotic revolution?    © 1999-2023

Cholesterol Natural Cures Controversy - What exactly is cholesterol and how can it cause so much damage to one’s blood vessels? More importantly, if one has too much of it, how does one get rid of it?  © 1999-2023

Digestive Disorders - Digestion plays a major role in health.  You are what you absorb.  Learn how to kick absorption into high gear with probiotics and digestive enzymes.  © 1999-2023

More to Come . . .

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