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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding
Electrical Body Products

Q - How will I know if Iím detoxing or just sick?

A - Good question.  Fact is, even if you get a cold, a cold by any other name is still detoxing.  Your body is literally getting rid of unwanted accumulated gunk in the easiest way Ė through the drainage system (your sinus cavities).  Colds and flu are the most typical form of detoxing.  And sometimes you get a cold motivated by a virus that you were exposed to vs. detoxing perfumes and VOCs that you accumulated that day. It depends on what your physiology is.

Not everyone goes through detoxing per se. Some folks use natural herbal products for two months, saying "Why am I taking this stuff?  It isnít doing anything for me!"  After months, results CAN kick in. 

For many, the detox is a continual or periodic process from DAY ONE.  But for others, it may take 10 months before they detox.  Maybe their tissues are "cemented," or they may have good cellular memory.  Many older people had healthy lifestyles for the first 10 or 20 years of their life, and weren't exposed to todayís toxins back then.  The cellular memory from those formative years meant there isnít a bunch of toxins hanging out at the surface.  Perhaps they will detox at a much deeper level. 

Also, the longer youíre on the product without a huge detox, it could be your immune system has been strengthened by the products.  So when your body feels itís ready, it decides that now is the time to start detoxing the liver.

Your liver is the most toxic organ.  Your body wonít deal with it until youíre ready to handle it.  So if youíve been on Dr. Schulze's products for a while, and youíve built up your immune system, then your body may figure, "OK, letís get in a little deeper."  So it goes to an organ it wouldnít touch before, and the organ starts reacting as if youíre getting sick.  And youíre upset because you think you should be healthy.  It takes years to completely move back towards normal functioning.  But if you have more days of feeling great than days of detoxing, then itís working right.

Detoxing basically canít hurt you, but it can be very uncomfortable, or elevate your blood pressure if toxins are released too fast.  You can always determine what the detox will be like by how much product you take.  Always start slowly.  If youíre going into a detox and itís too much to bear, donít stop the product or the process. Instead, cut way back to a level thatís tolerable.

Some people become fearful because of symptoms like a racing heart or heart palpitations.  Some people have unusual side effects. Again, itís not the product creating a harmful response.  When the electrical information arrives on the scene, the body hasnít seen that information for decades - maybe never.  Itís as if all these years your body has been speaking English and youíve been communicating with it in Greek.


Q - Will Bonita promote detoxing?

A - A person goes through different kinds of detoxing with Bonita, depending on your physiology and the state of your pores. In some cases, your skin may briefly get tougher.  Or the detox may come out in redness, flakiness, dryness, or even pimples.  But keep going.  It doesnít usually last more than a few weeks. (In rare cases, it can last more than three months, especially for those who have excessively experienced heavy acne or have really oily skin.

When there has been a lot of damage to that cellular structure, improvement isnít going to happen overnight.  And, of course, because itís your face, it can be a huge commitment.  I have great respect and compassion for those people who commit to detoxing like this.  If you can make the commitment, it is definitely worth it! A lot of people who have that particular response give up, because they canít handle looking like that for so long.

Q - If I never wash my face, how will it get clean?

A - With Bonita.  Bonita will clean your face correctly, and will clean it more effectively than anything else you could use.  It actually can emulsify the toxins on the skin's surface.

Glacial Blue

Q - Is Glacial Blue a toothpaste?

A - No. Glacial Blue has only almond, spearmint and peppermint oils. Glacial Blue's job is to break down toxins on your teeth, so if it breaks down the glue that holds the bristles in the brush, be thankful you now have the opportunity to purchase a toothbrush thatís less toxic to your body.  Glacial Blue provides the appropriate electrical matrices for your mouth. It changes the electrical matrix of the plaque so it no longer has the characteristics of a toxin.

Q - I hear Glacial Blue helps indigestion.  Is it an antacid?

A - Regarding your digestive system, thereís a lot of misinformation about what causes indigestion.  People are told they have too much acid, and therefore get heartburn.  In fact, whatís happening is that their pH balance could be out of whack.

RefreshMint helps the digestive system because it deals with the pH (the electrical matrix) of your esophagus.  With indigestion, you arenít suffering from acid.  Rather, youíre suffering from inappropriate pH in the lower and upper regions of the esophagus. When you swallow a couple drops of RefreshMint, it almost instantly establishes normal pH, allowing the pain and discomfort to disappear almost immediately.  It has to do with the restoration of the electrical matrix of the intestinal tract.

LifeSource SuperSprouts and GreensFirst

Q - What is meant by chelated minerals?

A - When plants absorb minerals out of the soil they "wrap" them in proteins.  This is called chelation.  The human body is designed to get the majority of its nutrition from plants so this is the form of minerals it recognizes and uses most easily.  Minerals that have not been chelated have a negative charge and will not be well absorbed by the tissue walls of the small intestine.  Chelation imparts a positive charge to the mineral causing the whole bundle to be read as neutral by the body.  Studies report that chelated minerals are more potent at lower doses than ones that are not chelated.  Taking chelated minerals with a protein is very important because the protein allows for superior absorption.

All body enzymes have minerals as co-enzymes. The LifeSource difference is that the enzymes and naturally chelated minerals combine synergistically for optimum usefulness to the body.  If you take only chelated calcium, you get no benefit.  Calcium must be in tandem with other minerals to be effective.  If you donít understand how to combine the electrical matrices, youíll never get the result you want.

Q - Why would companies add arsenic, aluminum and cadmium to their products?

A - There's an illusion that the body needs these every day.  It's just not so - not in any quantity.  Arsenic is toxic - it'll kill you if you take too much.  Your body has access to all the arsenic it needs.

And the idea that companies add these substances to their minerals is not accurate.  Actually, they take composted plant material, put it in a bag vat and stir it up.  It contains everything but the kitchen sink in elemental form which is totally unusable by your body.

They bottle the stuff and claim it's a colloid that contains every single mineral on the periodic table.  And boy, you should take it because the body needs 77 minerals every day!

Which is true.  However, in this electrical form, they are totally unusable.  But now the body has to deal with not only the unusable nutrient minerals, but also the unusable poisonous minerals like cadmium, arsenic and aluminum.  No one in their right mind would lick a bar of silver and think they're getting useful silver information into their bodies.  But stick that same silver in some sort of colloidal form, suspend it in a solution, and suddenly it becomes a good thing?  There is not a colloidal mineral on the market that we know of that has really promoted good health, because it is simply in the wrong electrical matrix for the body to ever use it.

Q - How does archaic manufacturing affect nutrition?

A - To answer this, we must start underground with the plant seedling.  Once that seedling is exposed to the pollutants in the water table, the electrical expression changes.  When the seedling begins to flourish, it absorbs all the airborne pollutants, further altering its electrical integrity.  After harvest, the already altered raw materials are shipped to a manufacturing plant for processing. The materials are often exposed to high temperatures in the extraction process and extreme pressure in the encapsulation process.  Furthermore, many "nutritional" products use excipients, additives, fillers and/or extenders in manufacturing. Introducing materials whose electrical makeup is not complimentary further eliminates the electrical integrity.  Finally, the "nutritional" supplement is delivered to the store where the unsuspecting consumer buys and eventually ingests the altered supplement.

Q - How can I know these are THE ONES Iíve been looking for?

A - The only way to know that these are "the ones" is to get on them and stay with them.  Follow the instructions on the bottle and the information that comes with them.  Be aware enough to know that good things are happening Ė but not overnight.

These are not always "feel good" products.  Theyíre food supplements that provide your body with information it needs to return to electrical homeostasis.  In some cases, that can be demonstrated in just a few hours.  In other cases, it may take months.  So listen to your intuitive nature and pay attention to the awareness of your bodyís reaction to this information.  In many cases itís rather quick and obvious.

Q - How long do I need to take these herbal products?

A - We are exposed to toxins every day.  Unless you live in the Biosphere or in a bubble youíll continue to be bombarded.  There are toxins in our carpets, in the paints and varnishes on our furniture, in products used in the dryer to keep the static out of our clothing, in the White-Out we use at work, in the make-up women use on their faces, in hair spray, in perfumes, the list goes on endlessly.  The fact is, thereís wisdom in creating a buffer between ourselves and those nasty critters.  One credible means is to use products every day that provide the raw materials your body needs to release unwanted toxins and move toward homeostasis.  So make a commitment to health.  It takes a little thought and action, but the benefits to the quality of your life are uncountable.

Q - Why do you think your products are special?

A - We're partial.  Just kidding. 

Let's review a critical point: A molecule is a shape bound by electrical charges. And atoms that make up molecules are electric patterns occupying space. The players within the atom - neutrons, protons and electrons - are also made of electric charges. In fact, the deeper we go into the miniature construction of the universe, the farther we get from the long sought-after "ultimate particle." Instead? We find layer upon layer of electrical constructs. Conclusion? Our universe is electrical.

So you're not a Chemical Body. You're an Electrical Body. Which opens up a whole new world of possibility - including nutrition. To be useful, a nutritional product must align your body electrically, and that's how these products are designed.

As the body ages, the physical and mental energies we once had disappear because our electrical energy meets up with horrid pollution that seeps through our skin, slides through our nose and gets gobbled up with our food.

Fortunately we can reconstruct much of that good electrical power we once enjoyed when we were very young.  Not only can we improve our memory and support a better functioning body, but also prevent some devastating future diseases.

Why do we say that?  Because our nerves are like power lines running all over our body.  And the messages between nerve cells are sent by way of "electrical messengers".  If the whole body is a giant sack of electrolytes, whose primary purpose is to bathe the cells in a fluid that is "electrically" active - then all the reactions that occur in the cell and human body are electrical in nature.

These facts must be considered when designing vitamins, minerals or herbal products - as high energy foods increase our own subtle electrical fields.  Research indicates that nutrition with a frequency of over 72 MHz can increase our body's electrical energy.  Conversely, foods below 72 MHz drain the body's power reserve. (Processed foods barely reach 10 to 30 MHz).

We feel this collection of high frequencied nutrition has taken the electrical characteristics of the human body into consideration and has given us the tools to upgrade our health to perhaps outstanding levels. But you be the judge of that . . .

For details on these quality tests and their importance with your health, you might want to order "How To Heal Your Electrical Body".  This e-book promises to increase your understanding of basic electrical principles and the reality of life around us.


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