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Chamae Rose Formula
The Most Amazing Undiscovered Herbs In the World!

What makes Chamae Rose so amazing?  Well, to begin, it is one of the strongest detoxifiers your body will ever experience.  Its particular action is on the liver, kidneys and lungs.  But unlike other herbal detoxifiers that weaken the body because of the natural deficiencies that arise from the cleansing process, Chamae Rose miraculously strengthens the body, providing extra stamina and vigor to all you use it on a regular basis.

Chamae Rose, botanically known as Chamaebatiaria millifolium, grows on the eastern slope of the Sierra Mountains.  It's a sparsely populated small shrub that grows no more than a foot tall.  But, at the site of the mineral deposit where we harvest it, this plant is so thick it forms the ground cover and can get up to three feet tall.  The strong electromagnetic fields produced by the minerals comprising the deposit have a profound effect on this plant and also its healing abilities.

                                               Reported Benefits of Chamae Rose:

Sinus & Allergies:  Brings relief where many traditional sinus and allergy medicines fail. Drying of watery sinuses can be felt almost immediately. All other symptoms are usually eliminated within 48 hours, even during pollen season. 

Skin Care:  The detoxifying power of Chamae Rose beautifies the skin. The skin becomes much more supple, improving color, tone, and elasticity. Many women use Chamae Rose daily for these remarkable benefits. 

As toxins leave the body, the skin gains a glow, and blemishes or liver spots begin to disappear. The skin takes on a suppleness and youthful appearance. This will take some time to achieve noticeable skin changes. Remember, before this can happen, a significant amount of toxins will need to be excreted. This takes time, usually two or three months.

Lungs & Throat:  Chamae Rose loosens mucus from the upper lungs and throat almost immediately, making it easier to dispel through coughing. After a few days, its drying action should completely eliminate mucous build-up.  Eliminate mucus-producing foods. It serves as both a cleansing agent and a tonic to the adrenals and kidneys. It cleanses and strengthens liver function and cleanses the lungs.

Kidney/Bladder:  Chamae Rose has a strengthening effect on kidney function.  It increases the flow of urination, yet eliminates the necessity for nocturnal bathroom visits.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the kidney is the source of all energy.  Perhaps the reason why so many experience increased stamina and vigor with Chamae Rose is its strengthening effect of the kidneys.

The rare mineral complexes and the electromagnetic energy fields that surround the soil deposit are at the foundation of Chamae Rose's unique healing abilities.  Chamae Rose also provides highly therapeutic phytochemicals. Flavonoids; including quercitin, 3-0-glucoside, 3-0-glycosides, 3-0-rhamnoside, and 3-0 arabinoside; flavones apigenin and hispidulin along with broad-spectrum polyphenols are abundant in Chamae Rose.  Flavonoids, flavones, and polyphenols are the most researched plant chemicals in the world today, renowned for their anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, and antioxidant activity.  In fact, it is these phytochemicals that are the active ingredients in pine bark, grape seed, gingko biloba, and hawthorn flowers; the some most widely sought after herbs in the world today.

Chamae Rose Extract, 60 ml/2 ounces  $33.10   



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