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What People Say About Electrical Body Products

I agree Rita, consistency is important. My husband told me this morning to go do what I do... as I was collecting my clean water to charge. I guess he thought I was planning on skipping today?  No way, I enjoy feeling light and stress free. I have been good doing my treatment every day. And he is seeing that I have found my "happy" again. He is on board. And after all of my achievements I will be treating him! I am sure. I figure that the am is treatment and the pm is therapy. To me, this is all about returning your peace and harmony back to your body freeing it to catch up spiritually without the dirty world stealing your  focus. Treatment will later allow me to hold on to my true state of being which  is strong and more loving. 

I know there is no way you would remember that we spoke many years ago. I called you asking a question about the cleanse. I recall that conversation, it was back in the early 2000's. And I try to tell my friends about your products whenever I can. My twin just saw a picture of me yesterday and mentioned how relaxed I look. This is because my frequency is changing!!!!! I will write her about it next. When people see me changed, and ask, I will share! 

Thanks for being here for me. I still carry my issues, but I still feel over all much better. After day one, I actually finished some things that I have been putting off for months. Life is good again. My relationships are better too. I read your last two emails about the wand and knew I needed it! As you know I didn't even understand what I purchased because I wasn't able to  think! The hum in my head isn't lasting for hours anymore so this is already clearing my head. I work a lot on this area, and a skin burn. And a chronic hemorrhoid which is half its size right now. My ears have been plugged since we moved back to Tx. Which is just as annoying and not a good thing. I know it's' the head problem that is affecting the ears and weak eyes.

My ears and eyes are beginning to adjust too. Moving across country, from AZ to TX as a senior isn't fun. I broke my toes just before we put our house on the market. We achieved our goals with in 35 days. I suppose the totality of stress got the better of me. I am usually very healthy. This product is already very profound for me since I feel like I am recovering! 

Penny A., TX


"I fell in a pond little over a year ago and was very ill. Had so much trouble with parasites. I've been taking your Paratrex and your MagO7. I feel so much better. And have more energy too. Best parasite cleansing I have tried. I have tried many. Thank you so much. I would highly recommend these products to anyone."

Diane W., OH


James D., CA

"I am grateful to your company, I have had MANY miscarriages and figured out my body isn't producing progesterone like it should. After several failed pregnancies I ordered this product and fell pregnant shortly after... I have a healthy baby girl because of this product and Progest- E complex is saving my current pregnancy. . I trust this product more than anything my dr would prescribe. I will not take anything else but this during my pregnancy! THANK YOU!"

Kelly T., TX

"I am writing to thank you for my order. Order ID: 23059572.  As a first time customer ordering from Australia, I did not know what to expect. Your website was easy to use and my order arrived within three weeks of the order date.

Thank you I will definitely order with you again."

Carla I., Australia

"Thanks for having the best price on Progest-E on the Internet - I always send people to you!   I also appreciate all the great information on progesterone on that particular page.  Have a great summer!"

Helena F.,  CA

"My teeth are still in my mouth and I was able to avoid surgery entirely because of Pristine and RefreshMint (now Glacial Blue)!!  My periodontal hygienist asked me what I was doing differently, because she noticed my teeth were doing “amazingly better.”  I hadn’t told her I’d been using something other than toothpaste, so she was quite surprised when I told her I was not using toothpaste.  I waited 2 or 3 more visits (and visits were initially every 4-5 weeks for several months) before telling her about my new product of choice, which results she saw for herself.  A friend in her 80s gave me some Pristine when I told her about my dental troubles, and she said “it’ll kill anything within miles of your mouth.  You’ll never go back to toothpaste after using Pristine.” 

"So I keep at least a year’s supply of RefreshMint (now Glacial Blue) all the time.  I cannot imagine using anything else, and my teeth are pure proof that RefreshMint (now Glacial Blue) is everything it says it is and much more.  When I first began getting periodontal treatment, I was diagnosed with gum disease and told I’d eventually have to undergo the gum flap surgery and may still lose my teeth.  That was in about 1995.  There’s nothing like your product anywhere!!"

"Thank you for acknowledging my message.  Feel free to use my story in your marketing.  I haven’t needed anything for quite some time because I ordered about 2 years’ worth the last time I ordered.  So it’s finally time to order again, and I decided to order after work tonight.  Your website is on my “Favorites,” so I just clicked in, and stumbled on somebody else’s story about Pristine and RefreshMint (now Glacial Blue).  The truth is that I practically had to carry my head into the periodontist’s office on my first visit. It was painful beginning, but I have come an awful long way because of my management of the periodontist’s work.  My management is RefreshMint (now Glacial Blue).  It works. Thank you for this wonderful product!!!  My periodontist may not be as happy with your product as I am because the good use of your product takes away his business!!"

Beverly B., TX

"Thank you for a quality product!  Because of the cost involved in nutritional supplements, I've been experimenting with various brands, but I always come back here, because yours work best overall.  Again, Thank you!"

Tim W., PA

"I love your beauty products, they are great!  I am now using one bottle of Luscious Coconut Oil for my skin and it smells so good I put it on my feet and then put my husband's socks and sleep that way, I love soft feet!  The Neem Beauty Secret mask I put on a little thick but I waited . . . I could feel a pulse underneath!  The results: pores reduced and stayed down when I woke up the next morning!  I've used products before and they tighten my pores for the moment but they spring back after a few hours . . . I can't wait to do your cleansing and healing mask again!" - 

Debra H., NC

"I love the Rosehip Renew.  Use it on my face and my skin 'feels' stronger.  I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!  I used to get facials, but no longer do because I just don't feel I need them.  My skin is beautiful from the Rosehip Renew.  I think I'll get the Bonita for my nails and keep that precious Rosehip for my face.  I do rub it into my hands and nails a bit after I put it on my face, but for regular use on my nails once that Barielle cream is gone, I'll use the Bonita.  I also like the fact that you have a cleanser and a toner, etc. for my face.  When I finish what I have, that's what I'll replace my regimen with.  I currently use Avalon Organic Botanicals, but I just have a feeling your products are better." -

Laura Cox, CT

"I have had constipation and digestive problems my entire life (I am 35). I have taken herbs that helped, but they did not get to the root of the problem. So I started taking Oxypowder, 10 each night before bed, and added milled flaxseed to my meals for extra fiber. It immediately relieved my constipation. After about 7 days I decided to try my super green food supplement. Unlike in the past when I was unable to absorb the nutrients. This time I could really feel my small intestines absorbing the green food supplement. It was awesome. So my husband decided to try it. He has had IBS for years. After the first 3 days of cleansing, he has no gas or bloating whatsoever. I have encouraged many friends to try this stuff. It is great, it gets to the real problem rather than the usual laxative. Also, I did try another brand before I bought Oxypowder. It was nowhere near as good of a product. Brand matters." -

Katie R., IN

"I saw this product in your catalogue and I thought I would give it a try. Well, let me tell you, I absolutely fell in love with
Bonita! It makes my skin so smooth and soft! It is the best base for your makeup; believe me, I have tried the dramatically different & (and dramatically expensive) lotions from the cosmetic counter at the department stores and they don't work as awesomely as your oil does. Bonita leaves my face so silky and moisturized that my makeup always looks even and natural. I look forward to trying your other beauty products." -

Claudia Flores, TX

"Just a comment.....I keep returning to your site to order the things that local health food stores don't carry. Your prices are amazing and I'm always impressed with how quickly I receive my orders. Please keep up the excellent work!!!" -

Lisa Jones, VA

"I take both the probiotic capsules and the probiotic powder. When I take the powder I just eat it off the spoon and chase it with some water. I travel alot and take the capsules on the plane several times and never get sick. In fact, I take a lot of probiotics when I am on the road and have stayed pretty healthy because of it. These are the best I have tried."

Imon Landow

"I was sawing trees one evening and the chain saw cut into my finger leaving 3 teeth of the blade in my skin. There was a lot of blood and my friend wanted me to go to the hospital. But, I knew what Frequency Foods product could do so I had him open up some Enzyme capsules and cover the wound. We wrapped up my finger and when I got home, I cleaned it up and this time covered the wound in Probiotics. I did this every day. Within a few days, the flaps of the skin had come together. A few days later it was completely healed. I don’t know what I would do without these products!!"

J. Flory

"I just can’t say enough about these Probiotics. If I run out of them (which I don’t do anymore) I can absolutely tell the difference. I have severe acid reflux triggered by a hiatal hernia. As long as I take the probiotics I don’t have to take medication, which I truly prefer not taking. These Probiotics also help with my sinuses and sinus infection. As long as I take them every day, the problem is totally minimized. Like I said, I just rave about this product."


"I absolutely would not be without these probiotics! I haven’t had a cold in 20 years due to this product. If I think a cold is trying to manifest, I load up on my probiotics all day long for 2 days and the symptoms go away. I never miss a day taking this product. I haven’t had the flu either! This product is a must!"

J. Ginall

"HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE PRODUCTS! I’ve been using Frequency Foods for from 15-20 years…. I am now 74 years old and in quite good health. I have lots of energy and am planning a move to California first quarter of 2014. I am seldom sick with a cold, but perhaps once every 4 or 5 years I get one, but am generally able to ward it off with Vitamin C, probiotics and Enzymes."

M. Emmons

"I found a lump in my leg one morning. Having had 7 other tumors in the past, I immediately scheduled an appointment with my doctor. She said the mass was about 5cm by 6cm. She referred me to a specialist. This time around I decided I was going to get after it myself. I started taking 25-30 probiotics a day. In 2 weeks I returned to the specialist. He could only find a tiny grain-size lump and he said he was not even sure if it was there. Of course, he wanted to know exactly what I had done, but when I told him he didn’t get all excited or ask to see the product. Hmmm. Anyway, I was thrilled."

C. Grizzell, CA

"I have taken many different probiotics, but this one seems to work better than any of them. I have taken them every day for 4 years now. I bump up the amount I take if I feel something feels off, otherwise, I take about 6 a day. I swear by these guys. I also started a friend on them who had a tumor and the tumor began to shrink. They were excited and are now taking them as well."

Roger R., NE






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