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                                    Why Most Health Foods Are A Waste of Money


At last, here's the real reason you can take vitamins, minerals an
d herbs by the handful and still suffer poor health. 

Discover the missing ingredient - LIFE.  Nutrition with the frequency of LIFE begets LIFE.  Only LIFE supports LIFE and only live nutrition in the correct electrical food form can help save our health.

Today the "vitamin" industry is a multi billion dollar industry and our health has steadily worsened.  So what good are dead vitamins, minerals and herbs?

"Love it! At first I noticed the wonderful, pleasing smell, reminding me of fresh roses. Although I have T-zone oily skin on my forehead, nose, and chin areas, my face does not look oily after using Rosehip Renew, or interfere with my mineral powder makeup. It is better than any other moisturizer Iíve used. I feel good knowing I am putting a healthy, nourishing product on my skin. I recommend it!"  L. M., South Carolina

But with natural, organic and wild harvested herbal products delivering properly formulated nutrition to deep cleanse and super nourish your electrical body, you have the tools to:

  •   Help relieve joint and body pain with improved memory         

  •   Produce healthier hair and clearer skin without toxic chemicals

  •   Fix your gums, clean your teeth and keep breath fresh

  •   Feel and look more youthful                                                                              YES! WE SHIP WORLDWIDE

  •   DEEP cleanse and feed your body's cells                                                           YES! WE ACCEPT PAYPAL

  •   And all this with a 30-day money-back guarantee

   Discover the Power of Nutrition With
            High Electrical Frequencies

Dear Health Enthusiast:

Your body contains neural "power lines" that communicate between nerve cells via "electrical messengers".  If the whole body is a giant sack of electrolytes, whose primary purpose is to bathe the cells in a fluid that is electrically active, then
all the reactions that occur in the cell and human body are electrical in nature. 

Revitalize your body with the electrical energies found in properly formulated foods that arc across neurons and nerve fibers to cleanse and renew myriads of cells.

Remember:  Everything in the universe is electrical, right down to the atoms that make up your body.  Results?  Well, listen to what one happy customer wrote us:

So, What's the Big "Electrical" Secret?                                                         

It's really no secret at all. If the universe and everything in it is electrical - then your nutrients should also be formulated the same way if they are to be of any use to you at all.  The alternative is investing thousands of dollars on vitamin, mineral and herbal pills that DON'T WORK or accumulate in your body as waste.

"Your website is on my 'Favorites', so I just clicked in, and stumbled on somebody elseís story about Pristine and RefreshMint (now Glacial Blue).  The truth is that I practically had to carry my head into the periodontistís office on my first visit. It was painful beginning, but I have come an awful long way because of my management of the periodontistís work.  My management is RefreshMint (now Glacial Blue).  It works!  Thank you for this wonderful product!!!  My periodontist may not be as happy with your product as I am because the good use of your product takes away his business!!" - Beverly Balowsky, TX


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