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free catalog of body electric productsFREE Catalog Offer

Out of appreciation for logging onto our website, this offer is made gladly available to all our new and old Electrical Body customers residing in the U.S.A. Our catalog includes a thorough explanation of detoxification and the effects of essential oils on the body. (For international customers, please see our online catalog: online catalog.)

Request your free catalog and natural healing guide by submitting your name, email address and physical mailing address here: 

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Your catalog will enhance your knowledge of natural nutrition designed for your electrical body.

This type of nutrition is emerging as the new phase in engineered products and proper nutrition.  Electrical Body's essential oil products and our powerful superfood formulae are specifically formulated to address nutritional concerns at their root, working to detoxify and re-balance the individual body and promote self-healing.  Man cannot heal the body, only the body can heal itself.

To enjoy maximum health, the body must be provided the proper nutritional support that is compatible with the body's own innate, electrical healing ability.

See if you don't also welcome the idea of  products that are 100% natural, containing no synthetic or petrochemical ingredients, and who knows, maybe you'll be the next to write your very own health success story!





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