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Hypothyroidism- A Common Malady

Hypothyroidism, sadly is a popular condition with numerous symptoms. Though doctors often use blood testing when low thyroid function is suspected, many people's symptoms go undetected for years without knowing their cause.  

In fact, many doctors typically rely on what is called the TSH test to diagnose thyroid problems.
  However, ever more health practitioners are questioning the worth of the TSH. That's why examining symptoms can often be a good determining factor in evaluating thyroid function.

It's easy to recognize low thyroid function in children who have swelling with its characteristic appearance - a round face, double chin, and fat, round belly plus abnormally bent elbows and knees.  Subclinical hypothyroidism, however is much more common and less easily recognized as its symptoms mimic other causes.
                                Hypothyroidism Symptoms

There are many, but here is a comprehensive list:  fatigue, increased cholesterol, decreased blood sugar, increased adrenaline and cortisol, heart disease, cancer, blood pressure problems, poor circulation, edema, colon problems, depression and emotional disturbances, insomnia, hyperactivity, weight loss or gain, skin and hair problems, headaches, immune deficiencies, and chronic infections, multiple sclerosis, mitral valve prolapse, women's health problems

                                                                             Causes of Hypothyroidism

1.  Radiation, including radioactive iodine
     One of the greatest environmental causes

2.  Estrogen dominance (ratio of estrogen to progesterone should be 1 to 10)

Estrogen dominance slows thyroid function and can result from taking birth control pills,     
     estrogen replacement therapy, or herbal estrogens, or exposure to environmental estrogens 

3.  Synthetic and genetically engineered hormones (estrogen and other hormones in meat, dairy,
     poultry and eggs)

4.  Excess intake of unsaturated fats (oils liquid at room temperature, except extra virgin olive oil)
     The position on unsaturated fats is controversial as many physicians recommend EFAs in the 
     form of flaxseed, fish, primrose, borage and other oils.

5.  Fluoride, common in toothpaste, foods and water

6.  Excess iodine found in commercial salt, dough conditioners in baked goods and many 

7.  Mercury, a toxic heavy metal, which comprises up to 50% of amalgam teeth fillings poisons 
     an enzyme critical in converting thyroid hormones

8.  Raw cruciferous vegetables (these contain thyroid inhibitors when raw)  
     Cabbage family veggies should be lightly steamed

9.  Liver (while some consider this nutritious, it contains thyroid inhibitors)

10. Soy products (there is some evidence that soy affects thyroid function)

             Guidelines to Improve Thyroid Function 
                                                (Of course, with your doctor's knowledge and blessing)

1.  It always makes sense to examine your diet and increase fresh, raw organic fruits and vegetables (with the exception of raw cabbage family veggies as these should be steamed).  These enzyme-rich foods help nourish the endocrine glands which produce hormones in the first place.

2.  Don't forget the basics of improved health.  Besides better whole food diet, add 8-16 glasses of purified water a day, get plenty of sunshine, rest and exercise and clean the bowels of impurities naturally.  (See Oxygen Colon Cleansing Formula Here)

3.  Remember also to FEED your entire system with whole food nutrition by using GreensFirst,
WheatGrass Detox or LifeSource SuperSprouts, combinations of nutrient rich super foods.

4.  Enzyme therapy is also important as it helps correct digestive problems so your organs are fully nourished with digested whole foods.  (See Plant Based Enzymes Here)

5.  Thyroid Support such as Thyodine provide support for your endocrine system so they are more capable of producing the proper levels of hormones.  Synthetic hormone therapy is ineffective as it contains only one kind of thyroxine.

6.  Hormone Balancing - in addition to thyroid support, natural progesterone oil therapy is also crucial for women, since it stimulates the thyroid to secrete proper levels of hormones.  Progesterone opposes the toxic effects of estrogen and is an outstanding immune system stimulant.  Estrogen and progesterone should be balanced 1 to 10 but the majority of the female population are estrogen dominant which causes PMS, breast pathology, uterine fibroids among MANY other problems.

    Young men may feel increased libido and experience reduced facial hair growth if they ingest natural progesterone.  (Learn more about natural progesterone therapy here).

7.  Use ONLY these oils when eating/cooking:  raw butter, extra virgin olive oil and unprocessed coconut oil.  It's true:  coconut oil is probably the most healthy saturated fat, other than raw butter.  Coconut oil stimulates thyroid function and thus promotes weight loss in those who are overweight, and has anti-aging and anticancer effects. (Our best source of fresh, raw coconut oil).

8.  Other dietary recommendations:  Make sure you are eating adequate protein including organic beef or poultry; some kinds of fish such as halibut and white fish, organic eggs, raw milk or cultured milk products.  If vegan, eat lots of potatoes, as these are a good source of protein

     Fruits and fruit juices provide minerals but also help control blood sugar levels and calm the adrenal glands, thus also stimulating production of thyroid hormone.

     Salt mobilizes glucose and also calms the adrenals.  Salty snacks before bed also induce sleep.  But beware of iodized salt.  Sea salt or purified seawater with no added iodine is preferred as these contain sodium chloride, and all of the naturally occurring trace minerals.

     Carrots - This fiber helps tone the bowel, and bind toxins including carcinogens, reducing the reabsorption of estrogen, and lower cholesterol if it is high.



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