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                                                   Zero Point Technology Jewelry

Browse through our line of Zero Point Technology protection devices and EMF Jewelry.  Whether you are looking for personal protection or products to neutralize EMF and ELF radiation products and know that with whatever product you choose, you will experience improved ability to concentrate, reduced fatigue and stress, more clarity and sense of well-being, a lighter body and increased level of energy.

By wearing the EMF Pendant around your neck you create a safe cocoon, which neutralizes all inbound, possibly hazardous information. If you are wearing this zero point technology it protects you, no matter what is directed towards you, be it EMF, ELF, high frequency or fluorescent lighting, computer monitor radiation, a television, microwaves etc.

This is easily demonstrated with kinesiology, a simple muscle test. It's impressive to experience the results of a test like this. Put yourself in front of a microwave oven or a computer screen and hold your arm straight out to your side. Have someone apply pressure above your wrist while you try to resist. When your energy field is being compromised, your brain is unable to effectively communicate to the muscles. You will be unable to resist the pressure being applied to your arm and it will weaken. Then put on the Zero Point Technology Pendant and perform the same test. You will experience a very noticeable difference in your strength.

Zero Point Pendants

We've known for years about the damaging effects of random and erratic electrical and radio waves in our environment (just think of the higher incidences of cancer and stillbirths for folks living near high tension wires and electrical power plants).  Every day, our health is threatened by the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that surround us.  But until now the remedies have been costly. 

That's why we've been on the hunt for the best emf pendants and discs which work by helping to neutralize and block EMFs by giving you a shield while working with your own body’s electrical system. Your electrical system is your natural protector and keeps your body functional. You will experience less stress and more energy by the balancing and stabilizing effects of these amazing pendants.

EMF Pendants are things that everyone should be wearing. People would then be much healthier and happier and more mentally acute. The brain is an electrical system that is affected every time a competing electrical system enters into its environment, creating discord, which leads to brain fog.

If you are under fluorescent lights long enough, you can't even remember your name because the energy is in such conflict with your brain and the subtle frequencies it utilizes. With the Zero Point Energy EMF Pendant none of that happens. You can wear the Pendant or put it in your pocket. You can wear it day and night. Remember these transmissions bombard you 24 hours a day. If you want to be certain that you are protected, you can wear it while you sleep or put it near your bed or under your pillow.

Kids should definitely be wearing a Zero Point Energy EMF Pendant. They are constantly tempted to eat junk food in ever increasing quantities. The energetic patterns created by this type of diet cause massive electrical unruliness and children begin to exhibit negative behaviors that never previously existed.

Today it seems like an epidemic. What’s changed? For one, kids are no longer eating oatmeal for breakfast. They are eating pop tarts and coke. The pop tart creates instant energetic chaos.

Most of our schools also have soda machines. Take a can of coke and do a muscle test and you’ll quickly find out what that does to your body. By the time kids hit the classroom they can't even begin to comprehend what is being taught. But, if they are wearing the EMF Pendant even pop tarts and coke will not trigger the disorganization. It does nothing in terms of nutrition, but the very presence of the Zero Point Energy EMF Pendant will not allow that chaos to exist in its field. 

Unless you know the cause of a problem how are you ever going to fix it? Ritalin is not the answer.  Ritalin is used to cover up the symptoms. It is effective in shutting off the brains capacity to talk to the immune system.  If a child has been diagnosed with ADD and is on Ritalin, but is wearing an EMF Pendant it will change the effect of the Ritalin.

  EMF Pendants and Attention Deficit Disorder

The cause of so-called Attention Deficit is not genetic; it doesn't run in the family. It’s all about diet. The constant assault on your physicality by these kinds of destructive conditions will ultimately lead to a health problem. A health problem is nothing more than a manifestation of energetic inconsistency. The bottom line is to keep yourself in a coherently “balanced” energetic state.

The immune function and the electrical or energetic body are the primary controlling elements.  When the immune system is functioning efficiently, you are then out of stress, with less potential to be predisposed to environmental surroundings. When you have a tool like the EMF Pendant, you are essentially in a buffered environment where these effects need not concern you. It does not mean that the doctors will go out of business tomorrow. It does not mean that people will stop buying aspirin or other kinds of drugs. But, it does mean that you now have an intelligent option to help minimize negative exposure.

The Pendant is a preventive prophylactic. The idea is to not allow the degeneration to begin. If you have already acquired a degenerative status, then you have to get very serious about your diet. You have to change your way of life because, if you keep doing what you are doing, you are going to keep getting more of what you’ve got. You have to change. For a person in a degenerative state, the Guardian Technology can help prevent their health concerns from amplifying, if due to continuous discord such as EMF, ELF or unhealthy foods. But, until the person modifies their behaviors their circumstance will not be rectified. What supports the damage is not necessarily the external chaotic frequencies as much as it is the kind of food they are eating - things like dairy, greasy foods, sodas, milk, sugar, sprayed vegetables etc.

In a way, this Zero Point Technology is the ultimate immune system support. It gives your system a break from defending itself all day long. It makes some people feel like they have a soothing suave all over their body or it feels like a nice warm bath, soft and relaxing. Bathe yourself in the protective field of the EMF Pendant which utilizes the newly re-discovered and intensely researched science of zero-point energy.

Modern physics has identified this energy field to be complementary to the human body as it is regenerative and curative in nature. Exposure to zero-point energy promotes the creation of subtle organizing energy fields (SOEF's) inside the human body.

This accounts for the EMF Pendant's ability to aid in the body's natural healing processes. When exposed to the zero-point field, your food and water (as well as other beverages) are "cleared" or neutralized in terms of their subtle toxic potential.

The purpose of the EMF Pendant is to nullify the harmful effects of EMF (electromagnetic fields) and ELF (extremely low frequencies) created by radio waves, microwaves, computers, power lines, television, cars, planes, fuse boxes and so on.

The EMF Pendant has a constant 3-foot radius that does not need to be cleared or recharged as it has lifetime effectiveness.


EMF Pendant Jewelry Styles for EMF Protection

Hematite EMF Pendant - Get the essential 24-hour protection and increased well being with the ZeroPoint Pendant. Worn as a necklace, bracelet, or in your pocket, this set of simple, non-intrusive and visually stunning stones deliver the essential daily protection wherever you are while giving your body the full spectrum of benefits the zero-point technology offers.

Silver Plated Bail Included



Hematite EMF ZeroPoint Pendant - $97.00



Green Aventurine EMF Pendant - Get the essential 24-hour protection and increased well being with the ZeroPoint Pendant. Worn as a necklace, bracelet, or in your pocket, this set of simple, non-intrusive and visually stunning stones deliver the essential daily protection wherever you are while giving your body the full spectrum of benefits the zero-point technology offers.

Silver Plated Bail Included

Green Aventurine EMF ZeroPoint Pendant - $97.00



Opalite EMF Pendant - Get the essential 24-hour protection and increased well being with the ZeroPoint Pendant. Worn as a necklace, bracelet, or in your pocket, this set of simple, non-intrusive and visually stunning stones deliver the essential daily protection wherever you are while giving your body the full spectrum of benefits the zero-point technology offers.

Silver Plated Bail Included

Opalite EMF ZeroPoint Pendant - $97.00






                                  Some Additional Technical EMF Pendant Data


Basic Pendants
  • Approximately 0.5 oz to 1 oz. with Bail
  • 40mm Diameter
  • String & Bail Included
  • Four Choices of Semi-Precious Stones
    *ZeroPointTM Technology is embedded in semi-precious stones, which have natural color variations. These are not defects and do not affect the efficacy of the Pendants.
  • Made from semi-precious gemstones which are infused with frequencies that bring the body into balance.
  • Gemstones are Aventurine, Hematite, Tigers Eye and Opalite.
  • Can either be worn as a necklace or placed in a pocket or in clothing to receive the full range of benefits . (See below for “How Frequencies Benefit the Human Body”.)
  • Balances the body
  • Reduces stress
  • Eases pain
  • Increases energy
  • Increases focus and clarity
  • Protects from EMF (Electro- Magnetic Fields)
  • Speeds healing
  • Brings deep and restful sleep
  • Protects from ELF (Extremely Low Frequencies)


Suggested Uses

All suggested uses come directly from testimonials and are passed on to you. ZeroPointTM Global does not guarantee that the specified results will occur from the suggested uses.

Users of ZeroPointTM Global products have reported the following uses:

  • ADD/ADHD Allergies
  • Bronchitis, Back Pain, Eye Strain Exercise Headache
  • Wear during school and work for increased focus, clarity and calmness
  • Wear daily to relieve allergies (See Frequency Disc for more help with allergies)
  • Wear the Pendant to relieve respiratory conditions. For added benefit, take deep breaths while holding the Pendant beneath the nose.
  • Wear Pendant following massage, chiropractic or other back pain treatment. Users reported lengthened period of relief and balance following treatment.
  • Wear Pendant while reading or using the computer. You may also hold the Pendant over each eye to relieve strain.
  • Wear the Pendant during workouts and strenuous activity. Also increases flexibility. For added benefit, take a deep breath while holding the Pendant beneath the nose.
  • Place Pendant on the forehead or area of pain for a minimum of two minutes. Users have reported that headaches have been relieved or eliminated.
  • Wear Pendant when going to bed for a restful night’s sleep with lucid dreams.
  • Wear on the flight to reduce EMF exposure during flight.
  • Wear during travel. Users have reported feeling less nausea while wearing the Pendant.
  • Insomnia
  • Jet Lag
  • Motion Sickness
  • Thyroid Imbalance wear the Pendant close to the base of the throat
  • May also wear during sleep
  • Tooth Pain hold Pendant on any area of pain for a few minutes until pain subsides
  • Vision issues hold the Pendant over the eyelids for a few minutes for improved vision. Results may
    vary from person to person based on the imbalance.
How Frequencies Benefit the Human Body

It has been discovered that the cells in the body vibrate at various frequencies depending on their state of health. ZeroPointTM has identified specific frequencies that match the optimum state of health for each of the body’s organs and systems. These are called Blueprint Frequencies.



“I have had fibromyalgia for 6 years. I wore the ZeroPoint Pendant for 2 weeks and did not even realize the pain had gone away until I gave the Pendant to my sister for a week. The fibro pain came back the first morning I was without it. I was amazed!” - Barb S., MN

“I have experienced shoulder problems all of my life, as did my sister, father and now my children. There is a small bone that rubs against and irritates our muscles in the shoulder joint that is common to about 12% of all people. I have had cortisone shots and been in and out of physical therapy all my adult life, as I became more active with my shoulder. It had just become a way of life. The irritation of the muscle would cause swelling, and when in motion consequently caused more swelling and finally become immobile, and it was time for some injection relief. A few months after wearing the Pendant 24/7, I realized that I had not experienced the pain in my shoulder for quite a while. It’s one of those things that you don’t think about unless it is hurting. The only thing different in my life was the introduction of the pendant to my body. It keeps me in balance and lets my body heal the inflammation all by itself. I don’t go a day in my life without it around my neck. Looks good too with the woven, leather strap. I dig it.” - Ilene G., FL

“Our 8 year-old premature son has an underdeveloped bladder, causing periodic bedwetting. The beginning of this year we purchased a ZeroPoint Global Pendant for him. He wears his Pendant of choice day and night. Along with his teacher, we began to notice he was calmer, less distracted and able to focus for longer periods of time. No more bedwetting to date. So encouraging to see him notice the difference.” - Kim A., NV

“My son gave me a Pendant in April of this year, and I wouldn’t take it off. I immediately felt a sense of strength. I had cramps in my feet for many years and would wake up in the night with charley horses and would hop around the room trying to release them. They have completely stopped since the day I put on the Pendant. Thank-you Zeropoint!” - Katherine P., MI

“My daughter tends to day dream a lot.  Since wearing the Pendant she and her teachers have reported a marked improvement in her grades and study habits ever since!"  - Susan H., FL


Zero Point Frequency Discs

The Zero Point Frequency Disc (or Frequency Disc) is another application designed specifically to utilize the same technology as the EMF Jewelry. Electricity is the same whether you are making toast or cooking a roast. We are using the same technology in the Zero Point Frequency Disc, just a different application.

We charge the Disc slightly differently to create an environment that applies to cleaning, protecting, and RESTORING LIFE FORCE ENERGY in the things you bring home from the grocery store.

If you did a muscle test with that produce, you would be astonished to find your system had been compromised. Information in that bag is creating confusion to the extent that your brain is no longer capable of communicating adequately with your immune system or with your muscles. It’s pretty shocking, really. Take that bag and put it on the Zero Point  Frequency Disc for 6 minutes. Take it off and do the same muscle test, and you’ll find no compromise. What has happened? The negative information that was contained in that food is no longer present. So, you can now partake of those Frequency Disc groceries with the confidence that everything that was creating turmoil, before you put it on the , is now absent.

This is peace of mind, mental insurance. You can actually taste the difference! Take a cantaloupe and cut it in half. Put half on the Zero Point Frequency Disc and the other half at least 20 feet away, because the plate does send out an extensive field. Come back 4 hours later and taste both halves. There will be a distinct difference. The one on the plate will be much sweeter.

You can do the same thing with inexpensive wine. Red wine has a distinctive tannic taste. The tannic characteristic is really what creates the disarray in the wine. The glass that has been in the presence of the Zero Point Frequency Disc tastes mellow and smooth. What has happened? The substance has been amended in such a delightful manner even your taste buds can pick up the change!

When you put water on the Zero Point Frequency Disc, it immediately reacts to the field. However, it does have its own unique behaviors. Water that contains chlorine or fluoride can be addressed in as little as 6 minutes or as much as several hours, depending upon the volume found in the water. In any case, the toxic nature will be altered to such an extent that it is no longer detectable. The water appears to have far more vitality and the taste is noticeably improved. It is useful to keep a full bottle on the plate at all times and pour directly into your glass.

Chlorine is a toxic substance to any living organism and was used in WWII as a weapon of mass destruction. Why we suddenly think it is a good idea to put in the water we drink is a real mystery. But, the fact is this - most municipal water supplies contain chlorine. If you drink tap water you are creating pandemonium in your body whether you know it or not. It does not matter that you can't see it; it does not matter that it has no instantaneous effect. Its consequence is degenerative because it compromises your immune system. If you don't believe this, do a simple muscle test to prove it. Do a tap water vs. Zero Point Frequency Disc tap water test. This will produce visible evidence.

Because water has intelligence and memory, it holds a consciousness we don't understand or generally recognize. If you took the water off the Zero Point Frequency Disc that had originally expressed chlorine, you would be getting the beneficial effects of the non-chaotic matrix as it interchanged with your energetic body. However, if you took the same glass of water and moved it away from the Zero Point Frequency Disc letting it sit for 4-5 hours, it would reconstitute the chlorine because it remembers the imprint of it.

With humans, our memories are imprinted and can actually pull us back to an event fraught with the emotions of it. Water has the same characteristics. The glass of water that was insulted by the chlorine or fluoride, remembers it. Just like we bring back memories with full-blown emotions, the water brings back the imprint of the chlorine or fluoride. It just reappears. We have no idea how that happens short of understanding that water has intelligence and memory. So the idea is, do not keep the water away from the Zero Point Frequency Disc or it will reconstitute the chemical it remembers. The same does not happen to any of the other things we have tested. Once they have been re-formed, they stay reformed.


                                                     How Do You Use Your Frequency Disc?

There are many other uses for the Zero Point Frequency Disc. Some people sleep with one. When you put it under your bed or pillow, its comforting field can engulf the entire room. You may also apply it to injuries or aches and pains, accelerating the healing process. It supports a non-chaotic environment so that healing can result without interference. Remember, the Zero Point Frequency Disc neutralizes toxicity or toxins by transforming the field and rendering it harmless. We can assess the effect it has by using other kinds of subtle energy field testing such as radionics, dowsing, or even a pendulum.

With simple kinesiology, test yourself using a package of bacon. Undoubtedly, your arm will weaken because of the various toxic components that are in that material. Take that same bacon and place it on the Zero Point Frequency Disc for 6 minutes doing the test again. You will find that your body is not affected, because the energy of the bacon is no longer detrimental. When you eat that bacon, the energetic that would have once produced disharmony is no longer present. Of course, nutritionally, this does not mean you should run around eating 6 pounds of bacon a day.

You may wish to do another muscle test – this time with some French fries. Place the fries near your thymus and you will find your arm will not stay strong. Greasy fries create disorganization in your energetic field. Now, take the same greasy fries and put them on the Zero Point Frequency Disc for 6 minutes and do this test again. You will find that you are still strong, which means that the Zero Point Frequency Disc has nullified the deleterious potential of the substance. Whatever is on that disc from 6 minutes to several hours will in no way adversely affect your energetic body if you ingest it. We actually did an experiment with a can of bug spray, and even the devastation to the physical body from bug spray became neutral after placing it on the plate for 6 minutes.

For those of you who may be sensitive to energy, the Plate and the EMF pendants may make you feel a bit anxious or edgy. This is a temporary situation and will desist in a few days or so. Set it aside every other day until you can wear it comfortably. What you are experiencing is a very high frequency that your body desires to align with. When the frequencies match, you will feel at ease.

The Zero Point Frequency Disc helps protect the immune system. By neutralizing the toxicity in food, the nutrients can be fully utilized. One of the keys to preventing degenerative disease is to create an environment that is highly ordered, vibrationally. Wearing the EMF Jewelry or using the Zero Point Frequency Disc and eating “plated” food makes sense. Both contribute to that ordered state which will enable your body to achieve the naturally, healthy, balanced, condition known as homeostasis.

Toxin Defense for You and Your Household

Use the Zero Point  to ensure that the food you eat and the water you drink is fresher, cleaner, and more vital than ever! The Zero Point Frequency Disc can also help extend the life of your food possibly saving you hundreds of dollars a year in grocery bills.

Do you eat food? Do you drink water? Of course you do.

Now you can use the Zero Point Frequency Disc to ensure that the food you eat and the water you drink is fresher, cleaner, and more vital than ever!

The Zero Point Frequency Disc can also help extend the life of your food possibly saving you hundreds of dollars a year in grocery bills.

Here are just a few benefits you may enjoy when using the Zero Point Frequency Disc:

Helps to re-energize the food you buy from the grocery store - enjoy richer, better tasting meals

Stop spending money on expensive certified organic foods - just set your groceries on the Zero Point Frequency Disc and the vitality is restored in just minutes

Helps to improve the taste and quality of municipal tap water and well water

Improves the taste of wine, coffee and other popular beverages - just put them on the Zero Point Frequency Disc for 6 minutes or more! Caution: It may actually worsen the taste of highly toxic carbonated drinks

Put the Zero Point Frequency Discs/Disc on the bottom shelf of your refrigerator - helps to keep fruits, vegetables, meats and beverages fresh!

Some of our clients sleep with the Zero Point Frequency Discs under their beds - customers report improved sleep patterns and more vivid dreams.

3.5" Black Marble Frequency Disc - $37.00     

3.5" Green Marble Frequency Disc - $37.00  

8" Black Marble Frequency Disc - $97.00     

8" Green Marble Frequency Disc - $97.00    

Zero Point Frequency Discs Technology

Use The ZeroPoint 3.5″ and 8″ Frequency Discs to ensure that the food and beverages you consume are fresher, cleaner, and more vital than ever! The Frequency Discs literally enhance your food’s taste and have even been reported to extend the life of fruits and vegetables. Relieves aches, pains, and headaches when applied to the body.

Zero Point Frequency Discs/Frequency Discs

• 3.5” Disc – Approximately 5 oz.
• 8” Disc – Approximately 1 lb 2 oz.
• Brown Marble


Zero Point Frequency Discs are marble discs infused with proprietary frequencies that bring the body into balance and energetic homeostasis. Each product is exposed to a Quantum Field Programming Generator which overlays or infuses specific Blueprint Frequencies for the human body.

• Made from genuine marble, which is infused with Blueprint

• These frequencies will reduce pain and enhance the energy of
   food and drinks. (See “How Frequencies Benefit the Human Body”     

• The Frequency Disc comes in two sizes:
  - 8” Frequency Disc for large items such as food, groceries,
    plants, household cleaners, toiletries, etc.
  - 3.5” Frequency Disc for individual drinks, bottles, vitamins,
   small toiletries and other small items.

• Either size may be used on areas of the body for pain or


Life-Sustaining Protection
The science of zero-point technology is a rapidly growing field of study. Of the many benefits discovered recently are the energetic balancing and protective frequencies that Zero Point Global infuses into their products. These frequencies provide a number of life-enhancing benefits.

• Neutralizes the effects of environmental toxins and chemicals
• Reduces the effects of pesticides, insecticides, etc.
• Reduces or eliminates body pain when placed at point of discomfort
• Energizes and neutralizes bath or cooking water
• Protects from harmful electromagnetic frequencies when placed near body during computer use or when near other electronics
• Aids in quality of sleep when placed under pillow or mattress

                                                                     Directions for Use:

Place food or beverages on the Zero Point Frequency Disc/Frequency Disc for 6 minutes to achieve maximum efficacy. The disc may also be placed in the refrigerator to keep foods fresher for a longer time. Place groceries on disc as they are put away after shopping. Set house plants on Discs to optimize growth. Apply Disc directly to areas of body pain, muscular discomfort, or internal pain. Place harsh chemicals or household cleaners on Disc before use to lower toxicity.

                                                                   Blueprint Frequencies

Zero Point uses a ‘Quantum Field Programming Generator’ to infuse specific Blueprint Frequencies into each of their products. Listed below are the total number of frequencies that have been infused and their corresponding systems and organs.

Total of 77 Frequencies in the Zero Point Frequency Discs

42 – Muscle Parasympathetic System
11 – Brain
6 – Circulatory
3 – Evacuation
3 – Spinal
2 – Adrenals
2 – Lymphatic
2 – Plant
1 – Dental
1 – Skeletal
1 – Endocrine
1 – Connective Tissue
1 – Female Reproductive
1 – Respiratory

                                                   How Frequencies Benefit the Human Body

It has been discovered that the cells in the body vibrate at various frequencies depending on their state of health. Zero Point Global has identified specific frequencies that match the optimum state of health for each of the body’s organs and systems. These are called Blueprint Frequencies.

When you hold the Frequency Disc on the area of pain, your body begins to ‘resonate with the frequencies’ that are programmed in the Frequency Disc. This is similar to a tuning fork that will pick up the frequency (sound) of another tuning fork in its vicinity. When they are close to one another, they will both begin to ‘resonate at the same frequency’.

When the organs and systems of the body are attuned with the frequencies that are in the Frequency Disc, the body returns to a balanced state. The body is able to protect and heal itself when it is in a state of perfect balance.

3.5" Black Marble Frequency Disc - $37.00     

3.5" Green Marble Frequency Disc - $37.00  

8" Black Marble Frequency Disc - $97.00     

8" Green Marble Frequency Disc - $97.00    





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