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Frequency Foods C - Vitamin C in a Form Your Body Fully Recognizes


There are many varieties of Vitamin C on the market.  Make sure yours is in the right form!

Ascorbic acid is not the key.

The electrical matrix found in our Vitamin C looks to the body like we just plucked an orange off the tree and served it to you. Take Vitamin C for your immune system, anti-aging, skin, cleaning the body of toxins, clarity, allergies, healing, brain function, exhaustion, stress and overall well being.

You may remember when Vitamin C was at its peak of popularity during the late 1970's and early 1980's.  Scientific studies had shown it's outstanding ability to potentiate the immune system which prompted mass production of the vitamin to meet high demand. 

Why all the excitement over a vitamin?  Because it was learned Vitamin C plays an important role in how our bodies handle physical and emotional stress. For instance, Vitamin C is needed by the adrenal glands to synthesize hormones, and the normally high levels of ascorbic acid in these glands are especially depleted during high-stress occurrences.

Vitamin C also acts in many ways to help prevent high blood pressure and atherosclerosis and is essential for the growth and repair of tissues in all parts of the body as it is needed in the formation of collagen, present in connective tissue, and for the formation of bone and cartilage.

Perhaps you were even one of thousands who went out and filled their shelves and their bodies with this vitamin.  Unfortunately, the manufacturers had no clue about the concepts of the body's electrical structure and believed that "Vitamin C is Vitamin C", regardless of how you get it in the capsule or tablet form.  The result:  people fell ill despite their Vitamin C intake, and oftentimes because of it.  Demand decreased and the focus shifted to other aspects of nutrition.

So what happened?  Wasn't Vitamin C as helpful as once believed?  Why did the clinical studies show benefits to the immune system but the products on the shelves did not?  Would it surprise you that the answer lies in the body's electrical makeup? 

                                                                                Was Linus Pauling Incorrect?

One of the leading authorities in the area of Vitamin C research was the late, two-time Nobel Prize winning scientist Linus Pauling.  He believed that five to ten grams of Vitamin C a day would help fortify the immune system.  However, he used a form of this vitamin that was not damaged by excipients, heat, steam, fillers, additives, preservatives, high pressure, grinding, and countless other techniques which totally depleted the raw materials of all nutritional value.

Ah, herein lies the key as to why standard Vitamin C tablets, powders, and capsules didn't produce the same results as Dr. Pauling's research:  the Vitamin C manufactured in this way had little or no effect on the body because the body did not recognize it as Vitamin C but as a mixture of harmful toxins in need of elimination.
                               Frequency Foods Vitamin C - One of the Highest Food Sources of Vitamin C

Your body can use the electrical data contained in our organic Frequency Foods Vitamin C to scavenge free radicals and to support healthy immune system function, where it helps increase resistance to a range of diseases, including infections and cancer.

As you may know, free radicals are electron-seeking compounds that destroy any healthy cellular tissue in their path.  These highly reactive oxygen molecules can come from harmful airborne toxins such as volatile organic compounds (car exhaust, perfume, hair spray, etc.) which enter the body and cause severe damage by short-circuiting electrical pathways.

However, the body naturally produces free radicals as a necessary part of cellular metabolism making antioxidant supplementation so important.  Antioxidants such as Vitamin C seek out and destroy free radicals before they can cause any serious damage. 

The naturally "chelated" mineral combination in Frequency Foods Vitamin C provides the body with the proper nutritional data it needs to enhance enzyme action and nutrient absorption in the body.  These chemical reactions, which enable us to live, cannot occur efficiently or effectively unless the electrical properties of the body are met. 

There are only two mammals that do not manufacture Vitamin C within the body; the human and the guinea pig!  Since we do not synthesize this important nutrient or store it for long-term use, we must ingest quantities of it throughout the day and at regular intervals.
                     Vitamin C with Electrolytes & Bioflavonoids

Below are just a few examples of the vast number of benefits offered by Frequency Foods Vitamin C:

  • Enhances immunity to provide powerful protection against virus, bacteria, and other toxins.

  • Reduces free radical damage that can lead to serious illness and disease

  • Decreases blood cholesterol levels promoting a healthier cardiovascular system.

  • Helps support the body's defense against allergy and asthma reactions.

  • Addresses cataracts and helps support improved vision.

  • May help improve blood sugar levels.

Do you have adequate levels of Vitamin C in your body?  Maybe not!

Important Note:  If focusing on improving skin quality, it's helpful to nourish your body INTERNALLY with high quality Vitamin C (among other things) for better connective tissue health. Add Rosehip Renew facial oils for topical, EXTERNAL feeding of skin cells for a beautiful, radiant complexion.

Recommended Usage:  Take alone (away from other products) AND on an empty stomach.  START SLOWLY with 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the evening, with orange juice or water only. Must be taken twice daily to be effective. If toxic or ill, you may need to start with 1/2 capsule twice daily. Work up to 2-4 capsules twice daily. The suggested amount may be higher if you are on a special program recommended by a nutritional consultant.

Ingredients:  A special blend of minerals, bioflavonoids and dulse in a base of ascorbic acid. The nutrients found in Frequency Foods Vitamin C are formulated for maximum absorption and effectiveness.

Additional Product Information:


When you mix orange juice with our products, the juice no longer expresses the same electrical characteristics. The combination of Frequency Foods Vitamin C and orange juice has created a new distinctive compound that expresses its own unique electrical matrix.


If you have health concerns such as High Blood Pressure, Heart Concerns, or Diabetes you must start this product very slowly. Take less product for 2-3 weeks then slowly increase to regular levels. Blood pressure and insulin readings may be erratic in the beginning. If readings remain high, take less product for a while and then slowly increase again.


Frequency Foods Vitamin C provides the following benefits: 


Assists your body in strengthening the immune system.

Works as a powerful antioxidant.

Improves mental clarity.

Aids in the production of collagen.

Cleans out toxins and poisons and may bring about a detoxification.


Some people may experience a temporary change in sleep patterns or a change in elimination. This is a normal part of the healing process.



Frequency Foods Vitamin C, 120 vegetarian capsules - $39.95      


Frequency Foods Vitamin C, powder, 180 grams - $39.95               








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