Impacted Colon Remedies and Clear Fecal Impaction

impacted colon remedies

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Impacted Colon Remedies

impacted colon remedies

To help clear fecal impaction - probably one of the most important products for the removal of toxins - promotes a thorough cleansing of the tissues one cell at a time and purifies your lymphatic system (a critical filtration network).

This impacted colon cleanse was developed for those with irregular bowel movements as well as those wanting to maintain a consistent elimination regimen to ensure a healthy colon. However, Frequency Foods Quantum Cleanse is not solely for elimination as it is a powerful whole-body detoxification product.

There are many impacted colon remedies available to the consumer but this product is NOT A LAXATIVE! But gently works to re-establish colon function and takes care of the toxins released by the body through the use of an all-natural herbal blend.
A majority of these toxins end up in the large intestine and colon awaiting elimination.

When the bowels do not move normally, the toxins present are actually re-absorbed into the bloodstream through the gut wall. This is called "leaky gut syndrome" and it causes a serious chain reaction of auto-intoxication.
Premature aging begins in the colon and many of our diseases stem from problems in the intestinal tract.

This Impacted Colon Cleanse creates an appropriate environment for normal functioning. Harsh laxatives are not the answer and at best offer only temporary relief because mucus in the bowel commonly prevents proper absorption, distending and impacting the intestinal tract. If you give the body the right tool, the body will cleanse itself.

If your elimination is fairly good and you just want a little boost taking the capsules is perfect. But if you have a chronic condition and a constant battle with elimination the powder is preferable, at least to begin with.


Recommendations for Use: Take on an empty stomach once or twice a day. The Frequency Foods Quantum Cleanse will clean out stored fecal matter from the walls of the intestine as well as help to repair any damage that may be there. You will notice your stomach becoming smaller over time. Start with 1 tsp. mixed in orange juice or water or a combination of both. It is best “shaken and not stirred.” Put the juice and Cleanse into a jar and shake thoroughly. It must be completely blended to taste good. Keep increasing the amount by 1/4 tsp. until your elimination is where you want it. Do not panic if you push yourself to diarrhea. This is not a problem. If this occurs, just pull back the amount you are taking until you have arrived at the level you are happy with.

Ingredients: Hibiscus, Psyllium Husk, Peppermint Leaf, Licorice root, Cascara Sagrada, Siberian Ginseng, Cornsilk

Frequency Foods Quantum Cleanse, powder, 280 grams - $39.95            

Frequency Foods Quantum Cleanse, 240 vegetarian capsules - $39.95 





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